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Running is a passion, a choice of the heart, so we could call it priceless?

Or, perhaps it’s worthwhile that once in a while we take a look at the financial picture, no?

We asked the members of Team Fischer, how much they spend on their hobby (or, passion), each month. The first observation was that many runners do not want to know this! 🙂

1. Repression

Many runners simply don’t want to know!

In psychology we call this repression 🙂

“Repression” or “traumatic dissociation”  is a defense mechanism of the conscious “Ich” that suppresses memories to the subconscious. The concept goes back to Sigmund Freud and subsequently found its way into broader psychology. Rediscovering repressed issues through therapy became popular throughout the 20th century, but was eventually disproved and rejected. The concept of ‘repression’ has been scientifically discredited, but it lives on with many runners, for example when asked how much they spend on their hobby each month” ( link )

Bjorn also said:

“I don’t keep track of my monthly spending, but the idea that we  used to think of running as a ‘cheap’ sport is gone 🙂. Well, that ‘s also because I go all the way. It could be a lot cheaper …”

I can confirm this  🙂

2. Two extremes.

In any case, we see two extremes emerging! One extreme is the spineless category of runners 🙂

Claudia explains:

“Since I don’t have a strong backbone in terms of entering races, running costs about 300 euros per month – at minimum. That is for registration, gels, beetroot juice, new clothes, petrol to drive to the race, etc.”

The other extreme are runners who get by on 75 euros per month, all expenses included.

One specific runner got by on 14 euros a month, we’ll call him Alexander, for now 🙂 :

“I get by with 14 euros a month. I borrow my running shoes from the neighbors, I mean, I use their old shoes. My cotton t-shirt from the 80s still does the trick. I make my sports bars and from the leftovers of our meals, and I use tap water as my sports drink. When there is a race, I can usually get a lift from my neighbors, but recently they asked if I would mind to pay for half of the fuel, so I went to the race by bike.”  

Just kidding.

Anyway, many runners mentioned that you can make running as expensive or as cheap as you want.

3. Accounting.

Another observation: some runners only have a very rough estimate in mind, without a clue how much running costs precisely.

For example, Nick says, “I can’t invoice clients for the hours that I run. But every hour I run, I can’t work, and it is so peaceful: so its high cost is immediately gone. Running is priceless, and it keeps me balanced.”

His lovely wife then confirmed: “Mo zo schgoane gezeid vint! 😘“.

This means: Well-said!.

Then there are the disciplined runners, who know the costs accurately. E.g. Christopher explained:

“I have it all in a document: 3,546.90 € / year, divided by two runners = 298.90 € / per month for two runners, divided by two, this is 149.45 € per month per person. Mind you, that is without this added: gels, food, nutritional supplements, orthotics, doctor visits, petrol to competitions, extra clothing, foam rollers, a mat, elastics, etc.”

Being lazy as usual, I had requested all people to calculate the monthly cost (as in the example above), but Marleen wrote:

“I buy two pairs of shoes a year, I mean running shoes, 1 pair is around 180 euros. I want to renew my running clothes every 6 months, which is about 100 € per six months. Vitamins and other sports drinks and extras 60 € every 6 months. Running club is 50 € / year, but every 3 years you get a 15% discount. Then there is the physiotherapist, I don’t know the price tag, exactly. Other gadgets such as glasses and wireless earphones cost around 180  €.”

So, I had to figure it out 🙂 My estimate ended up at around € 75 per month for Marleen.

Time to wrap up!

So, the conclusion is…?

So, how much does running cost per month, for the average runner?

After some intensive calculations, we came up with …

153.63 euros.

Roughly, of course. 

It made me think. As runners we spend quite some money on what used to be branded as the cheapest possible hobby … 

Philosophically speaking, we wrap up this article, with Jeffrey who confirms:

“In any case, running is better than spending my time in the pub, my girlfriend says!”

That’s it, I wish everyone a nice weekend!

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