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20161203_152611Dear Readers, Dear Runners,

I went for a great run: 14 km along the tiny little river Voer. Cold, but sunny, at a smooth pace.

In this kind of setting all stress, tensions, sorrows, etc flow away easily.

Listening to U2, “Ordinary Love”The sea wants to kiss the golden shore, The sunlight warms your skin, All the beauty that’s been lost before, wants to find us again.

Reflecting about the next marathon target: Düsseldorf Marathon.

20161203_14533530 April 2017: that’s nearly 5 months to go.

5 months to go!

So far away. Hundreds of training miles away, from now.

My ambition is to run sub 3 hrs 05 min. That’s 3 minutes quicker, compared to the Frankfurt Marathon on 30 October.

Shame on us!

In 2016 only 153 Belgian runners showed up in Düsseldorf!

Okay, quality over quantity, but still.

Now, when a runner asks himself (or herself)  this fundamental question: no wo homme hon, kwéte nie wuk gedoan?, as certain Belgian runners would put it (meaning: “which marathon will I run in 2017, because I’m not sure?“), I shout at the top of my lungs: “Düsseldorf!”  

(This choice was dealt with earlier, in the story “Kogel“.)

20161203_151304Good to know for Belgian runners, recently the Düsseldorf Marathon  organisation developed a strategic partnership with the Golazo Sports Group.

I’d say, time for some questions to Mr Jan Winschermann!
Mr Jan Winschermann is the Race Director of the METRO GROUP Marathon Düsseldorf.
Here we go!
* Mr Wintermann, what does running mean to you?

“For me, running simply means: passion!”

* Oh, OK. Then we’re soulmates. Tell us, Mr Wintermann, what’s so special about the Düsseldorf Marathon?

“First of all, we deliver excellent service to our runners before, during and after the race. We provide perfect service with excellent refreshment stations, with medical stations, AND we have warm showers at the finish. We also have a great finishing area, with superb food & drinks.

20161203_145039And of course there’s the overall attractiveness of Düsseldorf.

The famous Altstadt is near the finish line, so every runner can celebrate his or her success in style!”

* Are you happy with the number of Belgian participants in the Düsseldorf Marathon ?

“Hmm. We would like to have more Belgian runners in Düsseldorf.

It’s not far away!  

So, Belgian runners, please come here and run in your own neighborhood …

There are many spectators along the course, because the Düsseldorf Marathon is 100% in the city center.

20161203_150145The course is flat, which makes fast times possibleMany top-runners from around the world are trying to qualify in Düsseldorf for European, World championships, Olympic games or the Boston Marathon.

There is a lot of entertainment and music along the course. And the finish is almost on the river Rhine!”

* When you spend a couple of days in Düsseldorf, what are the “must do’s” for runners, before the race ?

20161203_150213“In Düsseldorf there are many things to do, first of all I would suggest a walk through the city center with the old part of Düsseldorf, The Medienhafen, Kaiserswerth – where you can see the ruins of emperor Barbarossa´s medieval palace.

From there, you can take a boat back to the city center, so you experience a trip on the Rhine River.

20161203_145333This is an interesting link, with more information:


* Quick question: when you hear “Belgium”, you think of … ?”

“Chocolate and beer!”

Oh, OK.

But what about Tintin, what about our french fries, and what about mussels? 🙂 🙂

Thanks a lot for your time, Mr Winschermann!

Ladies & gentlemen, don’t forget, this is the baseline of the Düsseldorf Marathon:

Run it – Feel it – Love it!

If you are still figuring out your next marathon in 2017, no wo homme hon, then I suggest you consider Düsseldorf?

See you there!

Kind regards,



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