za. jan 29th, 2022

No time to run in the morning, no time to run during the day, and no time to run in the early evening. So, time to run at 10:15 (PM).

GebrselassieTime to relax, time to listen to favorite Spotify songs. I listened several times in a row to this one:

Our debut was a masterpiece
Our lines we read so perfectly
But the show, it can’t go on

And at 10:15 PM, all is quiet, the evening brings silence, so, a lot of time to think. Usually, this one question pops up: “Oh, and why do I do this ?

There are so many reasons why people run. The simple version (at least, for me): it’s my passion. OK, but then, why is running a passion ?

First, there’s the Prehistory / Evolution Theory: it’s natural, people love running, because people were born to run, and even if it was not always fun, it was needed to survive. Survival of the fittest and the quickest.

Now, once we started running without trying to catch a Mammoth, things changed a little bit. One of my favorite quotes about this, by Haile Gebrselassie (who won the Berlin Marathon in 2008 with a world record time of 2:03:59) explains it quite well: “When you run the marathon, you run against the distance”. There’s this distance, and you want to beat it.


Of course, you can also compete & prefer to be competitive about running, and try to beat as many other runners as possible, or all of them.

But usually it’s more about being with yourself, stretching your limits, finding your pace, letting things go, etc.  Above all, running is the ideal way (for me) to digest the events of the day. Going to the right meeting, at the right time, but on the wrong location, that creates a lot of stress. People you want

Running helps me to deal with this, to digest things mentally, and to put things in perspective, and then, to move on.

While running in the dark, one thought that came up was this one. You’re not meeting the people you want, but the people you need to meet. You meet dozens of people, every single day.  Some of them you may like (a lot), and there’s chemistry. Other people cross your path with different purposes. You can choose how to deal with that. They too, make you the person you were meant to be.

Like, someone running against the distance.

Have good evening !


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